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Welcome to this unique site, the inspiration for this site came after I Joined total life changes and was searching for a name for my website. An apostle of God I believe he give the power to get wealth and wealth without wealth is futile.

This site brings back to mind  there was a tree of life in the original garden. This site in conjunction with Total Life changes was established to change the lifestyle of the people in these island of the sea, and the world.

We promote healthy lifestyle changes by first and foremost returning to the original food in both gardens the leaves of the nation. We were originally vegetarians and a return to good health will only come when we go back to organic food for restoration and healing.

This group called Total Life Changes, I believe in conjunction with the Tree of life Bahamas has the answer to your ill health and your inadequate wealth.

The Bahamas sits in the northern quadrant of the world, almost on the exact spot of the original garden of Yahweh/God. Tree of life Bahamas is promoting a healthy and wealthy lifestyle; it was God intention from the beginning when he gave Adam life and dominion over the earth.

We  joined TLC, not because of the money, but because of the products made from naturally grown plants from the gardens of God on the earth or Eden, where all plant life originated. 

Please join through this site the program of Total Life Changes, research first online all the products then become a customer when you can purchase the products only, or become an IBO (Independent Business Owner).

It was God who gives us the power to get wealth. The people of these island in the sides of the north support this site and the company affiliate Total Life Changes as we together combine health and wealth into wisdom.

Go now to click on the Product video and  then click on the Compensation plan video. Once you have watched then click on the shop tab or join or sign up and become a customer or a member, a began taking back your heat and you wealth the enemy stole from you.

Our Spiritual Connection

We believe we were inspired by Yahweh/God through his Rauch Ha-qodesh (Holy Spirit), to another look at the tree of Life in the book of Genesis. Before Adam, there was a garden of God, planted on earth in the northern quadrant of the four corners of the earth. Before Adam, there was a place called Mount Zion on the sides of the north, the city of the great King Yahweh/the mosthigh. Psalm 48:2 In this garden there was a tree of life. Lucifer now renamed Satan was in charge of the world at that time.

However, Lucifer sinned, and God hid this first garden. This garden was destroyed by water and is now covered in its place on the sides of the now. The evidence remains today by these islands, we have no mountains because we live on the top of them, called the isles of the sea by the prophet Isiah.

There were two gardens originally in the north and the one in the east where God place the man he made. Genesis 2:8 indicates the man was made in the garden of God in the north and placed into the second Garden of Eden in the east.

This site name is a reflection of the original garden of God in the north where man began. Because of sin this garden was plunged into the depths of the sea water covers the hiding place. The Bahamas and the islands of the Caribbean are signs of the original garden hence the beautiful clear turquoise water abundance of aragonite or sand and sea.