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A Subsidiary Of Total Life Changes 365 Every Day
Our Vision: To Empower All Believers To Live Spiritually, Financially And Physically Balanced Lives.
" Our Scripture text III John: 2 “Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers.”

Mission: To Re-introduce his Name, His Sabbath and his statutes or fixed holy days; Experience the Fulfillment of the former and latter rain of Joel prophecy, recorded in Joel chapter 2. To expose the fourth the beast of Daniel’s vision recorded in chapter 7:25. To bring about an awareness of a place and a people in the congregation of believers on these mountain in the sides of the North. A building not made by hands, a people and place for Yahshua’s return.

The Pastor’s Vision: After forty days of fasting, praying, and seeking Yahweh/God’s face for directions for his life. Led by the Spirit of Yahweh into the former desert of Nevada, today El-Shaddai Apostolic Ministries International today is the manifestation of this vision. On the last day of the Feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread called First Fruits Sunday Morning March 27th 2005 at in a three hour presentation between 3:am and 6:00a.m. Yahweh my Elohim gave instructions to write this vision. The only paper available was the paper available was the wrapping of my son new tennis shoes, until this day the original hand written version remains to verify this event. Yahweh indeed was ordering my steps by Yahweh.

The Ministry History:  
During the Feast of Tabernacles 2007, the initial meeting of this ministry took place at the Apostle house at 3:00pm on Sunday 21st October. Officers appointed, and the planning committee got busy preparing for our first service.  

The Vision began and now continues Speaking: 
Three (3) Years 13 hours after this vision later, El-Shaddai Ministries International was officially commissioned. Commissioning Service: During The Feast of Passover on Sunset Friday, 28th March 2008 7:30 P.M. At the Enoch Bedford auditorium on Carmichael Road. Officiating Rev. Dr. Phillip McPhee (Mount Calvary Baptist Cathedral Bailou Road Nassau). Conducting Rev. Paul Mulling's (Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Sea Grape Grand Bahama). 

The Inaugural Service for the Ministry held on Sunday October 28th, 2007 at the Super Clubs Breezes hotel whose name indicates a fresh breeze was blowing with thirty (30) well wishes and friends in attendance. Apostle Cox delivered his first sermon titled “What’s In a Name” in relation to the Church. The Apostle addressed the name El-Shaddai and Its Origins. He also spoke about the history, the present, and the future vision of this ministry.  

We met at this location on December 30, 2007 Divine Worship Services, Prayer, and Study of the word were held at this location for nine (9) weeks. Yahweh in his Divine purpose led us to our first house of Worship on Fire Trail Road. This moved was orchestrated by Yahweh as we found favor in acquiring this building, which provided adequate spacing to continue this ministry. This location was brief as we were led to the Culmersville area of Nassau in tabernacles of 2010, we spent four years at that location, due to financial constraints we are now located on Robinson road and Charles Vincent street.

Evangelism: Our Radio Program El-Shaddai Moments air began in February of 2008 on Spirit Gospel 92. 5Fm and our first television production of El-Shaddai Moments aired in or near the Feast of Passover April 2009. When this station closed in 2013 we continued on 93.9 FM.  

The ministry continued to grow with the addition of the Prayer Time, Word Study, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Praise Team, Dance Ministry, and Community Outreach Group as we flesh out our commitment to God’s people. The ministry also has held yearly clothing drives, Soup kitchen, back to school distributions, Summer Vacation Bible school, Cook-outs, Health Fairs, Women Conferences and Informative Health and Legal Forums.

The Re-Commissioning: The Holy Spirit spoke to the Apostle and directed him bring the ministry back to the potter's house where the initial focus on the insertion of Apostolic to El-Shaddai Ministry.  

According to Jeremiah 17: 1-4 El-Shaddai Ministries International went back to the factory the potters house and emerged as, we break bread and shared the one thing we all have in common that is the Holy Communion of the last supper. We prayed and sang songs just like the twelve apostles did in the early church.

This Re-commissioning was called by Yahweh to refit this ministry with the apostolic and some other parts not known at the time that was left out in the original design. After being warned by Yahweh through the womb of a woman prophet not to play with this anointing and being assured that there is another level that many of those who was with me in the beginning are not qualified or willing to go to this new Apostolic level.  

During the Feast Of Tabernacles Friday October 22nd 2010 by Invitation, only we Re-Commissioning Service of El-Shaddai Ministries International. This was an expansion of the original ministry commissioned by Dr. Phillip McPhee and the New Way Progressive Baptist Association two and a half earlier.

This was a gathering of foundational Apostles, who are members of the Five Fold Ministries men and women, who were recipients of a vision to build the church and enhance the Kingdom of God. Yahweh knew that we needed some specialist in the ministry to release the anointing into the mix of the Pastoral leadership qualities of this ministry. Hence, this event became a gathering of Apostles, (12) twelve the number of the original Apostles.

Those witnessing this event at another level of the ministry was (7) seven Elders and deacons present to share as El-Shaddai Ministries was taken to the potter's house. According to Jeremiah, another vessel of the same substance was made without the cracks and or bubbles blended back into the clay, and a new vessel emerged and given a new identify.  

The Apostle said at the Re-Commissioning Service. “I am proud to introduce the new improved or the upgraded 2011 redesigned and commissioned version El-Shaddai Apostolic Ministries International to these twelve (12) Apostles here assembled today. This new version of the El-Shaddai now Apostolic Ministry comes fully loaded equipped all the comforts of the Ruah Ho-Qodesh guaranteed to be with us until Yahshua’s returns. It comes with new features, their usefulness remains to be seen.”

In the Feast of Tabernacles early in the Hebrew New Year, These Twelve Commissioning Apostles came fully qualified and equip with the experience necessary to establish and maintain Ministries of their own. This qualifies them to Commission and bless in the name of Yahweh Elohim this 22nd Day of October in the year of Yah; two thousand and ten (2010) known as El-Shaddai Apostolic Ministries International...  

This ministry has an insurance policy signed with the blood of Yahshua that guarantees now weapon form against us will prosper. This ministry is also fully equipped with special offensive weapons that assure us that we have power over all the enemies, and nothing shall by any means harm us. 

About three days later, the Apostle was introduced to the Prophet Micklyn Seymour. The Prophet after hearing a portion of the vision the father gave him, invited him to preach in Capstone Ministries for the first time on a Sabbath day, again in the season of The Feast of Tabernacles. This relationship became Yahweh’s method of renewing the minds of this young ministry. Hence by taking us back to the Law to recognize our future concerning His Name, His Sabbaths His Moral, Civil and Feast High Holy Days. This Ministry remains resolute from Jan 1, 2011 to worship Yahweh in spirit and truth.

Our Vision: From 2011 and beyond, to bring about an awareness of a place and a people for Yahweh’s name so that His Glory can return to these Islands of the seas.  

Mission 2011 : To Re-Educate all people everywhere of the import of his Name, His Sabbath and his statutes or fixed holy days; Experience the Fulfillment of the former and latter rain of Joel prophecy, recorded in Joel chapter 2; to expose the fourth the beast of Daniel’s vision recorded in chapter 7

Because of the many vision and dreams of the Apostle, the ministry began it realignment to fit the format of the early Church the Apostles, led this ministry to adopt to the Law of Yah and the forefathers including Yahshua worship Yahweh Elohim on the seventh day (Saturday) as the official day of worship, As recorded in the book of Leviticus Chapter 22-23  

The Apostle/Pastor was Re-Baptized in the spirit of truth in the name of Yahshua Ha-Mashiach on Sabbath December 25th, 2010 by Prophet Mickly Seymour of Capstone Ministries. There were seven (7) witnesses of El-Shaddai and Capstone Ministry. December 25th was our first official Sabbath Worship Service.

The Christian New year's day, One week later January 1st 2011 as the first sunrise for 2011, I Re-baptized seven of our members two Elders, two Deacons and three members in the name of Yahshua Ha-Mashiach The two witnesses were Prophet Micklyn Seymour and one of his members along with a flock of seabirds overhead in the trees as we gathered on the following.  

This day marked many of First in this new re-commissioned ministry; First day, First Sabbath, First sunlight First High Tide and rolling cold wave washed away the old name of Jesus Christ, and we took on the name of Yahshua Ha-Mashiach.

This new ministry of Sabbath worship included three services in one day, The First Sabbath Of 2011, after Sunset the traditional New Year’s Eves service, The Baptism service on the beach at 7:00am and our regular Sabbath service at 11: am.

On Sunday 8th January 2011 this ministry distributed about thirty letters with the subject “Fair Well to Christianity” to all churches and congregations that do not teach the Laws of Yahweh inclusive of His sacred name, His Sabbath and His Feast or high holy days.

This ministry is presently affiliated with The Engrafted Son’s of Yahweh in Yahshua the governing body of the People’s Foundation a department established on the foundation of Yahweh Sabbath, Holy Days and to unveil Zion through its message of the Bahamas in Biblical History.

From January of 2011 this ministry began to worship His Sabbath to keep it holy, on Friday’s at sunset with a time of preparation and prayer, followed by our regular teaching and worship time.

The man of Yahweh who leads this ministry recognizes it origins and is convinced that he was born and called from his mother’s birth for this time and season. 

He was baptized on first fruits Sunday in The Feast Passover, his first ordination was in or near the Feast of Weeks Feast of Pentecost. 

El-Shaddai Apostolic Ministries Bahamas
"Empowering all believers to live Spiritually,Financially and Physically balance lives"
Robinson Road and Charles Vincent Street Nassau Bahamas
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